The very nature of an architectural project is always personal.

All of our work is influenced by our rich history and depth of experience.  Our design process streamlines tradition with the unique goals of our clients.  A home is not built overnight, unfortunately. Design and construction projects go through several different phases. Each step is important to the success of the next. Throughout the entirety of the process, communication between client, architect, and contractor is vital. 


Phase 1:  Deciding What to Build

The initial steps of architectural design focus on learning what is important to the client.  We discuss the requirements and desires of the client and find a balance within budget.   

View from Eagle Head site


Phase 2:  Rough Sketches

After research is done on the location and surrounding landscape, a series of sketches, or schematic designs, are prepared. These drawings and models help the client visualize site orientation, exterior design, and interior layout.

Schematic sketch for Eagle Head


Phase 3:  Refining the Design

With client feedback on the initial sketches, we start to prepare more detailed drawings and and models to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. Accurate floor plans are drawn and outline specifications are made listing materials and room finishes.

Model of Eagle Head


Phase 4:  Preparation for Construction

Once the client has approved the design, we transform the drawings into a set of plans and specifications that the contractor will use to build the project.  The contractor uses these plans to estimate the actual cost of construction. 

Eagle Head floor plan


Phase 5:  Construction

While the contractor will physically build the project, it is the architect's job to assist the contractor and client in making sure the project is built according to the approved plans and specifications. Because the contractor is solely responsible for construction methods, schedules, and procedures, the architect plays an important role as the project approaches completion. Our team makes frequent site visits to observe construction and keep the client informed of the project's progress and help make any final detailing decisions.

Eagle Head under construction