A Roberts and Hoare craftsman

Our firm has been providing significant residential architecture for over 125 years.

It all began in the late 19th century when Manchester-by-the-Sea was a rustic fishing village surrounded by farmland. The Industrial Revolution afforded new prosperity, and both the firm and the town grew rapidly due to their popularity with wealthy Boston families. City dwellers found refuge from the summer heat as well as an idyllic coastal setting in which to build their vacation homes. Roberts and Hoare, during their most active period, employed over 200 men, whose craftsmanship was due in part to the areas long tradition of ship building and cabinet making. They built most of the summer estates on Boston’s North Shore. These impressive homes continue to serve as important examples of this country's cultural and architectural history. Stephen Roberts Holt Architects continues this tradition of providing significant residential architecture in Manchester-by-the-Sea and throughout New England.